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Defense and Security Services Offered

Managed Support Services

These services follow the logistical and operational aspects of our clients needs and can be implemented individually or as a full-turnkey package. 

  • Communications

  • Cyber Security

  • Defense Program Consulting

  • Emergency Management

  • Export / Shipping

  • Facilities Management Integration

  • Force Protection

  • Intelligence Operations

  • Inventory Management

  • Maritime Security Operations

  • Sourcing / Procurement

  • Supply Chain Logistics

  • Threat Analysis

  • Unmanned Vehicle Operations

Military & Law Enforcement Training

Our comprehensive training curriculums are scenario based and can be administered where ever our clients require. All our preset curriculums can be tailor fit to meet our clients’ needs. 

  • Active Shooter/Immediate Response (ASIR)

  • Active Shooter / Incident Response

  • Advanced Special Weapons & Tactics

  • Basic Special Weapons & Tactics

  • Counter Paramilitary Operations

  • Force Protection/Asset Protection

  • Fundamentals of Patrol Tactics and Procedures

  • Hostage Rescue

  • Individual Defensive Tactics (Hand-to-Hand)

  • Less Lethal (Chemical & Gas Devices, TASER, Distractionary Devices)

  • Patrol Rifle, Patrol Handgun, Patrol Shotgun

  • Police Counter Sniper, Tactical Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, Tactical Handgun

  • Riot Control/Crowd Control

  • Self-Aid/ Partner Aid (Medical)

  • Tactical Patrol Operations

  • Tactical Team Leader/Team Commander

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